6 Month Anniversary!

January 24th marks the six-month anniversary of my arrival in Chennai. If I was truly in the spirit of India, I’d take the day off and burn all sorts of materials in honor of the occasion. Unfortunately, I need to go to work. I’ll let this post be my virtual puja, and I’ll make it concise. A short list of the important things I’ve learned in my six months on this wonderful subcontinent:

1. Take the antibiotics.

2. Car horns should be used in a call-and-response technique: you hear a horn, you honk your horn.

3. You always have the right of way. Always.

4. The next holiday is the biggest one of the year. Until the one after that.

5. India’s time is more important than your time. No exceptions.

6. Everything is paradoxical, i.e. everyone is in a hurry, and nothing starts on time.

7. Dance. Indians love it. It’s just better if you do, too.

2 responses to “6 Month Anniversary!”

  1. Elinor Vandegrift says :

    You “hit so many things on the head” not locals I’m glad to see.
    Very good perceptions. Thanks for such a cheery and witty remembrance for us all.
    Keep up the good work there – sure they love having you in their midst, lucky school.
    We last met at the Peace Corps 50th in DC.
    Carpe Diem –

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